Barack Obama and the Double-Down on Failure

22 01 2010

This was originally titled “Barack Obama and the Trifecta of Failure” because, up until Tuesday, he had three Incompletes on his report card, and last I checked, that does not equate a B+. But already I digress.

Obama has proven himself the empty suited failure many of us suspected he would be. To wit:

1C. Chicago

Obama had the audacity of hope to fly to Copenhagen to pimp the Olympics for his adopted home town of Chicago and couldn’t bring even so much as the Bronze home.

2C. Copenhagen

Another trip to the City of Spires and another failure. Perhaps it should be called the City of Aspires. Climate change will remain exactly where it belongs…where Mother Nature intends it.

3C. Coakley

Investing more than he obviously has, Obama rushed to Boston to invest his unearned capital into an unearned candidate and came away with a big, Brown nosebleed. Not only could he not help Coakley get elected but he’s lost the filibuster-proof Senate…by a nosey.

4C. Cap n Trade

With 3C, above, Cap n Tax is dead in the atmosphere. The wonderfully elusive, positively chilling, ever changing atmosphere that has delivered momentous amounts of snow and cold to the world has abandoned Barack in the most delicious way ever…by proving him wrong, once again.

Obama’s gambles, in one of the most unfriendly-to-gambling times in the history of America, complete the picture of what he has become…and frankly, always was. We love losers in Vegas…they keep our economy alive.

So, I guess I’d like to extend an invitation to our Loser in Chief to come put it all on Harry Reid…you’ll be sure to crap out and America will once again breathe a little easier.



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22 01 2010

I’d advise Barry to hedge his bets. If he blows half his dwindling wad on Harry in Vegas and the other half on Russ over here in Wisconsin, how could he possibly lose…?


22 01 2010

Great post, SuzieQ! Obama is losing his imfluence and power – rapidly. My the pendulum continue to swing toward freedom and liberty!

22 01 2010
Chris Carroll

There’s not much more to be said! Except that the MA vote has sent shock waves through Lib ranks even over this side of the Pond as Gordon Brown is now staring down the barrel of the UK electoral gun!! The Brit Libs thought that Obama was nuclear~bomb proof and ride his coat-tails but MA vote destroyed that image!!!
I am looking forward to May or June when PM Brown calls the Election as I’ll be out on the stump for our local candidate and for Cameron’s Conservatives!
I’ll be tweeting for #Cameron2010 as much as I tweeted for Scott Brown and as much I will be for the races in November!
Remember: Live free or die trying!

22 01 2010

You’ve done it again, Q. Awesome!

22 01 2010
The Blogshevik

This is much better than the trash I post….but where’s the Zombie Gerbils?

22 01 2010

Damn, Q! Good job!!

22 01 2010

Awesome post! We are not going to stand back again and watch as a party wisks away the freedoms our Founding Fathers worked so hard to implement. We have to get the ABCs of Harry Reid going now…stay dry!

22 01 2010

Another Fine Job Q, The Big O has committed to visit Harry in Nevada in February. New York Times Article (Waterloo anyone?) If Barry is getting in on the game in Nevada this early, it indicates he is definitely worried.

22 01 2010
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22 01 2010
James Fish

great summary! Obozo the clown has failed because his ideology is a failed one. I’m waiting for the Jonestown on his presidency to happen soon!

22 01 2010
ab initio ad infinitum

“Brown nosebleed” lol, Very nice job there MS Q!

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