The 33 Strategies of War

1 02 2010

From The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene, “an indispensable book, [which] provides all the psychological ammunition you need to overcome patterns of failure and forever gain the upper hand”

  1. The Polarity Strategy:
    Declare War On Your Enemies – Learn to spot them; inwardly declare war. Your enemies can fill you with purpose and direction.
  2. The Guerilla War-Of-The-Mind Strategy:
    Do Not Fight The Last War – Force yourself to react to the present moment. Do not repeat the same tired methods. Make everything fluid and mobile.
  3. The Counterbalance Strategy:
    Amidst The Turmoil Of Events, Do Not Lose Your Presence Of Mind – Make the mind tougher by exposing it to adversity. Learn detachment.
  4. The Death-Ground Strategy:
    Create A Sense Of Urgency & Desperation – Place yourself on ‘death ground’, where your back is against the wall; fight like hell to get out!
  5. The Command & Control Strategy:
    Avoid The Snares Of Groupthink – Create a sense of participation without falling into the irrationality of collective decision-making.
  6. The Controlled-Chaos Strategy:
    Segment Your Forces – Break your forces into independent groups; make them elusive & unstoppable by infusing them with the spirit of the campaign.
  7. Morale Strategies:
    Transform Your War Into A Crusade – Involve your people in a cause; make them see their survival is tied to the success of the army as a whole.
  8. The Perfect-Economy Strategy:
    Pick Your Battles Carefully – Sometimes it is better to wait, to undermine your enemies covertly rather than hitting them straight on.
  9. The Counterattack Strategy:
    Turn The Tables – Let the other side move first, giving you the flexibility to counterattack from any angle.
  10. Deterrence Strategies:
    Create A Threatening Presence – Be crazy. If your opponents are never sure what messing with you will cost, they will not want to find out.
  11. The Non-Engagement Strategy:
    Trade Space For Time – Sometimes you can accomplish most by doing nothing.
  12. The Grand Strategy:
    Lose Battles But Win The War – Grand strategy is the art of looking beyond the battle & calculating ahead. It will bring the ultimate reward.
  13. The Intelligence Strategy:
    Know Your Enemy – The target of your strategies should be less the army you face and more the man or woman who runs it.
  14. The Blitzkrieg Strategy:
    Overwhelm Resistance With Speed & Suddenness – Striking first before the enemy has time to think makes them emotional and unbalanced.
  15. Forcing Strategies:
    Control The Dynamics – Move to control your opponent’s minds, pushing their emotional buttons and compelling them to make mistakes.
  16. The Center Of Gravity Strategy:
    Hit Them Where It Hurts – Find what the other side most cherishes & protects – that is where you must strike.
  17. The Divide & Conquer Strategy:
    Defeat Them In Detail – By separating the parts of the whole you can sow dissension & division, bringing your enemy down.
  18. The Turning Strategy:
    Expose And Attack Your Opponent’s Soft Flank – Bait them into going out on a limb then rake them with fire from the side.
  19. The Annihilation Strategy:
    Envelop The Enemy – Create relentless pressure from all sides and close off their access, then crush their willpower by tightening the noose.
  20. The Ripening-For-The-Sickle Strategy:
    Maneuver Them Into Weakness – Create dilemmas; devise maneuvers that give them a choice of ways to respond-all of them bad.
  21. The Diplomatic War Strategy:
    Negotiate While Advancing – The more you take, the more you can give back in meaningless concessions.
  22. The Exit Strategy:
    Know How To End Things – Avoid all conflicts and entanglements from which there are no realistic exits.
  23. Misperception Strategies:
    Weave A Seamless Blend Of Fact And Fiction – Control people’s perceptions of reality and you control them
  24. The Ordinary-Extraordinary Strategy:
    Take The Line Of Least Expectation – Fix their image of you with the ordinary, then hit them with something extraordinary; the terror is greater.
  25. The Righteous Strategy:
    Occupy The Moral High Ground – Question your opponents motives and make them appear evil; narrow their support & room to maneuver.
  26. The Strategy Of The Void:
    Deny Them Targets – Be dangerous but elusive, then watch them chase you into the void; deliver pinprick bites & side-attacks.
  27. The Alliance Strategy:
    Seem To Work For The Interests Of Others While Furthering Your Own – Create a constantly shifting network of alliances; sow dissention.
  28. The One-Upmanship Strategy:
    Give Your Rivals Enough Rope To Hang Themselves – Life’s greatest dangers come from supposed colleagues who scheme to sabotage us.
  29. The Fait Accompli Strategy:
    Take Small Bites – Swallow little territories, playing upon people’s relatively short attention spans.
  30. Communication Strategies:
    Penetrate Their Minds – Learn to infiltrate your ideas behind enemy lines, luring people into coming to the conclusions you desire.
  31. The Inner-Front Strategy:
    Destroy From Within – To take what you want, do not fight those who have it; join them, then stage a coup d’etat.
  32. The Passive-Aggression Strategy:
    Dominate While Seeming To Submit – Go along, offer no resistance; hide aggression behind a compliant, even loving exterior.
  33. The Chain-Reaction Strategy:
    Sow Uncertainty And Panic Through Acts Of Terror – Cause maximum chaos and provoke the enemy into desperate overreaction.



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