Taking Back America

12 11 2012

The time has come. The citizens of this country either must draw the line and take America back from the politicians and entitlement-hungry looters who now control it or we must be prepared to relinquish forever their remaining claims on liberty.

I’m talking about restoring the American Dream. This means each individual regaining his right to his life, his liberty, and his pursuit of happiness. It is time for Big Brother to get out of our lives – to let go of the reins and allow us to control our own destinies.

The fundamental concept of our founding fathers was that people have a natural right to sovereignty over their own lives and that governments have no right to interfere with that sovereignty. In that respect, the Declaration of Independence, as a document, was unique in human history. For the first time, men were saying that they were above government, that governments derive “their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Government has nothing to do with the American Dream. It is government that has succeeded in destroying that dream. The American Dream is a way of life that can be experienced only by free individuals.

Please understand that the American Dream has nothing to do with a country. The American Dream has to do with the freedom of people to pursue their own happiness without the interference from others. It could have originated anywhere, but luckily its birth occurred in a geographical area called the United States of America.

What loving America really means is loving the American Dream. It means loving freedom and individualism. It means admiring all the people who have contributed both to the birth of that dream and to its furtherance. These people cannot be distinguished by race, religious belief, nationality, occupation, or sex. They can be distinguished only by their common belief that liberty must be accorded the highest of all values.

Another concept is destroying the American Dream, however. The proponents of the welfare state (the collectivists) have succeeded in making millions of people believe that the America Dream is outdated. But how can an idea as basic as freedom ever be outdated?

In truth, it is the firmly controlled society that is outdated; it has been around since the beginning of recorded time. Indeed, it is rare to find a government at any time in history that was not a monarchy or other kind of dictatorship; the attempt to make men free was almost unheard of until 1776.

The American Dream means the freedom to pursue a better life and it was that freedom which inspired millions of people to cross oceans to get to America. Those millions of immigrants were not looking for government handouts; they were looking for opportunity. The American Dream gave them that opportunity. Unfortunately, with the nanny state we have built and with unbelievably porous borders and no upholding of our laws, illegal immigrants flood here and receive instant handouts at the expense of honest producers.

We do live in the greatest and freest country on earth. But it is much less great and much less free that it once was. The question is, do we love living here enough to do something about preserving what is left of that greatness and freedom, enough to restore them to their original state?

(Further posts and steps you can take right now are forthcoming. A start of some steps is here.)

This post is based on Robert Ringer’s Restoring the American Dream.



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