A Funny Thing Happened at the Hostess Store

18 11 2012

Hostess, once proud producers of Twinkies and Suzy Q’s, is shut down. Some have said it was their choice. If you call having a gun pointed at your head and being told how you’re going to run your business, how much you’re going to pay people, and not being able to produce if those people strike even when you offer them work a choice, then…okay.

Actually, by allowing the union into their business in the first place, they should have seen this coming. But I digress.

When the announcement was made on Friday I told Snarky that we should go down to the local Hostess store and stock up on Twinkies. They’ll be worth gold in the coming days when TSHTF.

image courtesy of @ChrisLoesch

So, as part of our Saturday morning running around, we first went to the Hostess store. The parking lot was full and I commented, “Oh, I guess other people have the same idea.” A nice woman who had just finished shopping offered us her cart; she said they were hard to come by this morning. Thankfully, we took it.

It wasn’t too terribly packed inside and the first thing we spotted were Twinkies! The price was right (7 for $5) so we put 14 in the cart and moved along to Cup Cakes and other baked crap we would never buy. As we made our way around the store, two little old ladies were filling two carts to overflowing; they couldn’t grab enough jams and condiments and at least two of everything they were selling. It was THEN we found out that yes, the store was going out of business; this was it’s closing day and everything was 50% off.

Needless to say, our cart started filling up, too. We even gave #BabyQ free rein to put things in the cart.

But here’s the funny part…

There were obviously “progressives” in the store, so I, having a big mouth, kept talking to Snarky about how we could thank the unions for this, and look at all the people who will be out of work, and all the businesses that will be shutting down. Yes, I was trying to rub it in.

Then, as we were in line with our cart too full to hold anymore, a woman two people behind us asked if she could cut in front of us. She only had a few things and was late for an appointment. She looked like a Democrat, so I asked her, “How did you vote?” Yes, right there in front of everyone, I shot off my mouth.

“That’s very personal.”

“Well, did you vote pro-union?” I asked.

“No, I’m against unions!” she answered.

We allowed her to get ahead of us. However, I suffer from esprit d’escalier, the name the French give to that damnable moment when, as you’re walking away from a moment, you think of all the things you SHOULD have said.

I should have come right out and asked, “Did you vote for Obama?”

I should have come right out and asked the employee behind the counter if she was union before I told her, “I’m sorry you’re losing your job.” (She probably wasn’t union in that small store, but I didn’t check.)

And maybe, just maybe, we should have bought more Twinkies. We’ll be exchanging them for silver or gold, if you’re interested.




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18 11 2012

“I am leaving it as I found it. Take over. It’s yours.” -Sign left by Ellis Wyatt at the foot of the burning hill of Wyatt Oil

18 11 2012

And what Snarky_Basterd is using as his avi on Twitter. 🙂

It should be our motto as we go on strike.

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