Chickens Are Pretty Neat

19 04 2013

By Snarky_Basterd

This morning when I opened the gate from their to coop to the pen, they came right out. On past mornings since we put them out there, I’ve had to coax them out, one or two peaking out until Crystal, the white chick my daughter named came flying out, pushing any of the others out of her way, as if to say, “what the hell are you waiting for?”

Not so today.

Then this afternoon, when I ran an extension chord to the coop and hooked up the chick light because we’re expecting frost tonight (they need this to keep warm when you have them inside until they start to fly around the container they’re in), they all came into the coop.

But not for the light. They all started pecking at the empty water container — they were saying, “we’re thirsty, stupid.”

Then just now, when I went out to put them in the coop for the night, as I do at 7 p.m., they all saw me walking up, and marched right into the coop. It was the first time I didn’t have to herd at least two or three, if not grab them and force them, into the coop.

I think we might start keeping the kids in the chicken pen so they learn some good habits, so we don’t have to repeat something 5 times before they do it.




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